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Japan Caribbean

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What is Japan Caribbean Carnival (JCC)?

Japan Caribbean Carnival is inspired by Trinidad and Miami Carnival, with a unique Japanese twist. JCC brings together people from all over Japan and the Caribbean to enjoy a day of lively music, exotic costumes, delicious food, lots of dancing and exciting performances. It will feature a parade (with music truck) and a culture village.

When is JCC?

JCC 2023 will be held on 18th September from 930am to 5pm. Rain or Shine event!

Where will JCC be held?

JCC will be staged in a Mobara city, Chiba, Japan. Approximately 70 minutes away by bus from Central Tokyo.


How does one participate in JCC?

There are two (2) levels of participation for JCC 2023:

Level 1 - Masquerader

This option involves dressing up in colorful and ornate costumes while dancing in a parade with other masqueraders. The parade will feature a music truck playing the sweet sound of Soca and Caribbean music, masterfully curated by live DJs from the All over the world including the Caribbean and Japan. FREE drinks and lunch will be provided. Masquerader participation requires an Official JCC costume.

Level 2 - Spectator 

View the parade and watch the festivities unfold while enjoying the lively atmosphere, and cultural displays in the Culture village. At the Culture Village, visitors can indulge in the delicious flavors of Caribbean and Japanese cuisine. There are also vendors selling Caribbean and Japanese themed merchandise, crafts, and souvenirs, adding to the festive atmosphere. Spectator access requires a fee. Residents of the host city in Chiba, Japan are exempt from paying the Spectator Access Fee (access is FREE).


What type of access comes with each level?

Official JCC Masqueraders - Access to BOTH the Parade Route and Cultural Village

(Level 1 & 2 access).

Non-city resident Spectator - Paid access to Culture Village ONLY and view stands to

 watch the parade. This option does not include Parade Route access (Level 2

 access only).

City Resident Spectator - FREE access to the Culture Village ONLY and view stands to

 watch the parade. This option does not include Parade Route access (Level 2

 access only).



How to get to Mobara city,  Chiba? Is transportation provided to the venue?

YES! Free luxury shuttle bus transportation will be provided for all registered JCC Masqueraders from Tokyo to Chiba. Masqueraders may store their large backpacks below the bus during transport.

Spectators – For spectators and non-masqueraders an optional paid bus from Tokyo will be available. Departure location TBA central Tokyo.

****We strongly recommend taking our bus if you don't drive. It will take 2-3 hours one-way with via the train, or cost $200-300USD via taxi.****

When and where is the meeting point for the shuttle bus?
Masqueraders – Shinagawa station at 0745 and departs 0815am.
Spectators - Shinagawa station at 940am and departs at 1000am. 
We will post the exact location and directions at a later date.

How to register for JCC and become a Masquerader?

Costume viewing, selection and purchases can be made via

How to buy a Non-Mobara City Resident Spectator ticket?

Non-Mobara City Resident Spectator tickets can be purchased via


How to get free access as a Mobara city resident?

This is a partnership initiative. Further details will be announced at a later date. City ID is required and must be presented at the entrance by all city residents wishing to access JCC.


Additional questions

Can I wear my own Carnival costume?

Unofficial Carnival costumes cannot be worn anywhere in the JCC area (parade route or culture village).

What is the age requirement for JCC?

For 2023 we have decided to keep the parade 18 years and older only.

For the spectators, all age groups are welcomed.

I am a vendor in Japan, how can I register for this event?

Vendor registration information will be announced at a later date.



Japan Caribbean Carnival

Land of the Rising Sun

“A carnival like no other. The best of both worlds”

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