How long will it take to fill my pool?

Smaller above ground pools can fill in 1-2 days. Average size in-ground/vinyl/liner pools can fill in 2-3 days. Larger pools vary based on the gallonage. Please note that even though you may have high water pressure, the water flowing through our filtration system needs to be controlled to allow the filter media to work effectively.

How much water is in my pool?

Smaller above ground pools may have 4-5,000 gallons of water. Average size pools are usually around 15,000 gallons. And larger pools can range from 20,000 – 100,000 gallons. Regardless of the size of your pool, we can pre-filter the water.

I have well water; Can I use my house filtration system (water softener, iron filter, etc) to filter my pool water on the initial fill?

No, your house filtration systems are designed to remove some staining elements from the water or soften your water. You cannot fill a swimming pool with softened water due to the softener removing elements necessary to balance your pool water. Also, your home system is not designed to handle the gallonage of water your pool will need to be filled at the initial fill. If your home system was used, damage may be caused to your home systems. We may need to bypass you filtration system, if there’s not a raw water spicket off of your pump. Our filtration system only removes the staining elements from the raw water; leaving other elements in the water needed to balance your pool water.

Will my well pump burn up if I use it to fill my pool?

Under normal circumstances, your house well pump should be able to fill with your pool. You may experience lower water pressure in your home and note that while your pool is filling, the water going into your home may also be unfiltered. Sprinkler pump systems, due to their design are not optimal to use to fill your pool.

Can I swim as soon as my pool is full?

You could swim immediately, but we would expect that your pool builder or remodeler will want to test and balance the water. Please note, that we do not add any chemicals to your pool, such as chlorine.

How long will the filtration system be needed?

We will deliver our filtration system prior to your pool being ready to fill and pick up our system usually within a few days of the pool being full. Filtration systems needed on the job site for more than two weeks, may incur additional charges.

How much notice do I need to give to use your system to fill my pool?

We only deliver/pick-up systems, Monday through Friday. We will need 2-3 days notice to get your pool on our delivery schedule. Emergency, same day deliveries, may incur additional charges.

Where should hose be placed to fill pool?

We recommend to always fill from the deep end of the pool. We have found that if filled from the shallow end or if the spa was filled and allowed to overflow to fill rest of the pool, a run down line could appear in the pool's finish.

When can I turn the water off when my pool is filling?

We recommend filling the pool until the water level is approximately half way up the tile. The water flow needs to be continuous, interrupting the water flow could leave a curing line in the pool's finish.