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  • What is Soca in Japan?
    Soca in Japan was founded in 2016 by a team of young energic Soca lovers from Trinidad and Tobago and Japan. It's sole mission is to grow the Soca music culture and industry in Japan and provide opportunities for both Caribbean people and Japanese Soca fans.
  • What is Japan Soca Weekend?
    Japan Soca Weekend is the largest Soca festival in Japan and all of Asia. Fans of Caribbean culture and Soca music from all over the world, including Japan, come together to enjoy Soca music in Japan. Japan Soca Weekend is held every year in September.
  • How many packages do you offer?
    We offer 2 packages 1. Patrons can choose to purchase the party tickets only, Weekend Pass Package, for all main events. This is recommended for those that's living in Japan or feel comfortable traveling Japan and would like to do their own sightseeing. or 2. Soca in Japan tour Package which includes Weekend Pass Package, Hotel, Sightseeing, Bilingual staff, and Ground transportation, Airport pickup, and more. This is recommended for those that want an effortless experience and for solo travelers as you'll be making new friends with the tour group.
  • What is the cost of the packages?
    Weekend Pass Package: Estimated early bird starting price less than $300USD without ground transportation. Some events, Carnival and J'ouvert, we may provide a shuttle service for an additional cost. Shuttles operates from central Tokyo pick-up point to event. Shuttle DOES NOT go to individual hotels or accommodations. Carnival Costume: Estimated starting price $450USD. Patrons can choose from multiple different costumes in addition to add-ons for their costumes. Full Tour Package: Estimated starting price $1650 per person. Please add Costume price of $450 if you want to play mas as explained above. This includes the Weekend Pass, Sightseeing, Ground transportation, Bilingual tour staff, Hotel. This DOES NOT include airfare. This also DOES NOT include food or drinks unless specified with the event.
  • Can regular ticket holders follow the tour?
    This is not possible. Although we post all the activities of our tour, the schedule is highly optimized for the allotted time in Japan. No time is wasted! Our vendors are prepared for our arrival and departure times and some even open outside of normal business hours to accommodate us. Without this tight optimized schedule, it would be very difficult to participate in all the activities within our 7-day time frame.
  • How many Soca parties?
    2023 will have 5 main parties in addition to optional after parties
  • When should I arrive Japan?
    Weekend Pass Package Holders: Soca events begin September 20th 2024. Tour Package Holders: The tour begins September 18th 2024, 2 days before Japan Soca Weekend official parties begin. Please see our tour guidelines details before booking your flight.
  • Why September?
    September is one of the cheapest time of the year to fly Japan when booked early. It's outside peak season, and the weather is still warm. Try using the website to find great flight deals.
  • Which airport should I fly into?
    All events are held in Tokyo-Kanto region. You may fly into either Narita Airport (NRT) or Haneda airport (HND). Both airports are in Tokyo. If you're on the 2024 tour, then you must fly into HND airport and arrive before 4pm. Our staff will be waiting for those on the tour. See tour page for full guidelines
  • Where should I stay in Tokyo?
    Those not on our sightseeing package tour, it is recommended to stay in the central Tokyo, Shibuya area. Shibuya is Central to all the events. Patrons on the tour, after registration you will receive our hotel link. We provide transportation to and from the hotel to all events
  • Does Japan accept credit cards?
    Japan is a cash society. Many places do not accept credit cards. However there are many convenience stores with ATMs that accept foreign debit cards for cash withdrawals. That being said, if you would like to purchase pocket WIFI, a credit will be needed!
  • Is there a Carnival?
    Japan Caribbean Carnival will be held September 2023 during Japan Soca Weekend. This will be Asia's first Caribbean style Carnival.
  • Visa requirements?
    Japan may require a visa for some international travelers. It is YOUR responsibility to research your visa requirements. You may utilize the official government website as your guide Please note if your nationality status requires a visa, the Japanese embassy may ask for proof of payment to our festival. We can issue a letter to the Japanese embassy only after paid in full. The embassy will not accept our letter without full proof of payments. We STRONGLY recommend applying for your visa at least 3 months in advance of your flight, the earlier the better!
  • Should I purchase Travel insurance?
    Given the international nature of our event, we strongly recommend purchasing traveling insurance to protect yourself against financial loss due to non-refundable costs, fees, unexpected cancellations, and travel emergencies.
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