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# shutdown -P now f32# sudo fsck -f /dev/sda1c -t ext3 -C 3 -p > /dev/null A: Sometimes when one clicks on a shortcut on the desktop it will force a shutdown, so if that happened I would reboot and see what happens. To see if that is the case, open up a terminal and type: killall xfwm Then try the shutdown. If it worked try rebooting, if not, then try the shutdown again. If none of that works, then it is the keyboard shortcut for Xfce4's menu editor. You can disable the shortcut from the menu editor. Q: Modifying list in Java I'm new to Java. I was trying to put a value in a list that doesn't have any data yet, which will later be updated with data by another class. I tried doing the following: public void list_add(int val) { this.list.add(val); } In main, I tried doing: Main.main(args); //Wait for user input System.out.println("1.add 2.add 3.exit"); Scanner sc = new Scanner(; String choice =; switch(choice){ case "1": System.out.println("Enter an int"); int x = sc.nextInt(); list_add(x); break; case "2": //.... It returns error: cannot find symbol Listlist.add(int) You need to import the List interface from the java.util package, then declare your List as a List:



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WinMend Password Retriever.31 2022

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