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2022.10.11 - Japan's border is now fully opened to tourism. Tourist will need to be either vaccinated and boosted with a WHO approved vaccine OR a negative covid PCR test within 72hours of travel. Please check with the Japanese embassy for the most up to date guidelines and your country's passport limitations.

2022.09.23 - After over 2 years of waiting, Japan will fully open its border on Oct 11th 2023!!! No travel agency, no visa restrictions, individual travel allowed. Freedom!

2022.05.21 - JSW2022 remains in full planning!

  • Japan border will begin opening for tourism June 2022, however we have decided that it might be a little too late for the tour. Thus, we are postponing the tour and carnival until 2023.

  • Anyone that RSVP for the tour can request a refund or rollover to 2023 by emailing us.

2022.03.22 - JSW2022 is now in full planning!​

  • Japan's border continues to gradually open and quarantine is no longer required for arrivals from most countries that's vaccinated and boosted.

  • We strongly believe the border will be open to tourists by summer. However, in the event the border remains closed by the end of June, patrons will have two options; full refund of their RSVP deposit or rollover to 2023.

  • RSVP for 2022 remains open. After RSVP, additional payments will be due upon our full launch end of June.

2022.01.20 - Due to the rise of the Omicron Variant we continue postpone our full launch. RSVP for the tour is opened, however no further payments will be made until we are fully launched. We hope to launch in the Spring of 2022.

2021.06.10 - 2021 Refunds completed and 2022 RSVP opened


2021.05.26 - It is with great sadness that we must postpone our festival to 2022 due to the ongoing pandemic. Patrons are being given the option to opt-in to rollover their RSVP or automatically refund beginning June 6th 2021.

2021.04.03 - Japanese government is proceeding with working on digital health certificates aka vaccine passports. We do not know the full details of this plan, but hopefully there will be more details before the summer holidays. In the mean while all payments and our full 2021 lunch remains on hold until June.

2020.12.07 - There is word that Japanese government is discussing reopening the border to tourist in the Spring. There has been an upward trend of cases in Japan as the colder weather approaches, however it has since stabilized to a daily average of 2500. With vaccines on the horizon our team is waiting to see a clear downward trend of the pandemic. 

2020.10.24 - The Japanese government has increased the gathering limit from 5,000 persons to 10,000 persons with a maximum of 50% the venue size. Phase 2 of the border reopening has begun which allows all long-term visa residents of Japan to reenter the country. Phase 3 (tourist reentering has not begun yet)


2020.9.20 - RSVP for 2021 Tour begins for those wanting to save their spot, however no further payments until January. Individual ticket sales remains on hold until January. ..monitoring global pandemic.

2020.8.1 - All refunds completed for 2020 patrons

2020.7.28 - Japan Soca Weekend completely postponed until 2021. In addition to the previously announced international patrons, all local patrons within Japan to be given refunds.

2020.5.27 - Soca in japan tour postponed until 2021. furthermore, all international patrons to be issued refunds. Festival planning for local patrons within Japan continues.

2020.4.14 - All installments voluntarily placed on hold while we assess the viability of this year's festival


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