For over 10 years Japanese residents have been visiting Caribbean countries such as Trinidad and Tobago to experience Carnival and Soca culture. Their love and passion for this culture is authentic and it's a pleasure to see Caribbean culture making such a big impact in Japan with festivals like Japan Soca Weekend (JSW).

Since the completion of Japan Soca Weekend 2018, the team at Soca in Japan (SIJ) has been working hard to enhance the JSW brand and thus create a product that Caribbean people can truly enjoy in Japan.

Caribbean people have always welcomed us with opened arms to experience Carnival culture in the Caribbean and it's our pleasure to return the favor. We have been working diligently and negotiating with several Japanese companies and businesses to give you a one of a kind experience fusing Caribbean culture with Japanese culture. This includes "Cool Japan" companies i.e companies authorized by the government of Japan to promote authentic Japanese culture. This September we invite you to a 7 day cultural and Soca experience in Tokyo Japan. Thank you, and welcome to

Soca in Japan Tour:  Japan Soca Weekend 2019🇯🇵

PLEASE NOTE: The tour is presently sold out. Alternatively you may purchase the Weekend Pass parties only package.

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